Bonded by Experience

So in light of possibly the three most awkward days of my life (with the potential for three more), I must say I’m astonished with how relaxed and engaged I’ve become by and around my group throughout the conference.

Despite many of us fighting against fatigue and a general sense of laziness from lack of sleep, we managed to further explore D.C. and our rapidly growing companionship. Through the intriguing speaker’s today, the Conference as a whole managed to display and critique each other’s ideas as well as form new opinions about our views. During our time at both National Geographic Headquarters and the National Press Club, we were presented with various respectable individuals from the field, all of whom brought there own bits of knowledge and experience. Over the course of these numerous interactions, we gradually began to understand how are views concurred or differed, and how to realistically apply this knowledge.

But besides bonding over the core values of the conference, my personal social shyness has slowly but surely begun breaking down even further, as my fellow group members and I shared several more memorable moments. Having started the day with “Blue Butt,” we were already aware that we were about to ensue on an interesting day. Possibly one of the most comical and ridiculous forms of interaction I personally was involved with came in the form of Ben’s food Nemo. A seemingly absurd idea that truly would take a while to completely explain.

And through these memories as well as dozens more, I have come to realize the true value and lessons to be gained from participating in WJMC, and it’s influence on my social capabilities.

Apologies for the seemingly hastily written post, I’m attempting to get to bed as soon as possible to actually get reasonable amounts of sleep.


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